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Be the creative vision behind the camera. Our video production program immerses students in real client challenges. Gain hands-on experience using professional equipment and learn from instructors who work in the industry. Tell your story the way you envision it.

Today, knowledgeable multimedia students must know how to capture compelling video, create trailers, titles, graphics, sound, and more for a variety of mediums – all from a personal laptop or desktop computer.

The UC San Diego Extension Professional Certificate in Video & Editing is an accelerated, full time program that provides comprehensive training in video production and editing, DSLR video capture, audio, motion graphics and associated software technologies in a project-based learning environment.

This video production program focuses on storytelling, videography, motion graphics, and audio, as well as software programs commonly used to create productions, such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Logic, Adobe Premiere, and After Effects.

Throughout the program, students will complete a series of projects including short fiction and documentary films, commercials, web spots, and more. Students also complete projects for real world clients to create a working demo reel.

The Digital Arts Center Video & Editing Program utilizes industry standard software and hardware, enabling students to create high quality productions for a variety of delivery formats.

  • Understand video production planning and development
  • Learn editing techniques using Final Cut Pro
  • Understand cinematography
  • Demonstrate lighting and composition principles
  • Demonstrate proficiency in motion graphics
  • Learn how to mic talent and record sound
  • Apply sound design techniques including audio editing and processing dialog, music, and sound effects
  • Develop scripts for your projects
  • Troubleshoot delivery formats to frame rates, codec usage and video transfer
  • Receive training in resume development, interviewing skills, and guidance on business methods to pursue freelance work
Benefits of the Certificate in Video & Editing
Accredited full time program (5:30pm – 9:30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week)
One-year accelerated study in video production and editing
Comprehensive training in industry standard software and hardware
Project-based learning in a realistic production environment
Small class sizes – limited seating fosters one-on-one learning
Financial aid available, VA funding also accepted
Own and be trained on all of your own industry preferred hardware and software (Mac laptop, Canon DSLR, Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut, Logic, and more)
Internship opportunities

Students enrolled in this program must possess their own hardware and software. Please contact us for details on book/software versions pertaining specifically to each program.

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