Required Courses

Mobile Applications Development Courses

In the Mobile Applications Development Program, students learn how to design and build mobile apps from beginning to end, as well as how to position their products in the Apple and Android app stores.

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Business and Marketing

Following successful completion of the Graphic & Web Design, Mobile Applications Development, or Video & Editing Program, students will have acquired extensive design knowledge and applied it to numerous professional-level production projects. Throughout the program, instructors and guest speakers will teach basic business principles and techniques for marketing and self-promotion. Business strategies, copyright and legal issues, marketing, and job placement strategies are covered. The ongoing evolution of portfolios, reels, and presentation skills continue to be refined while interfacing with various circles of the design community.

Upon successful completion of these certificates, students will:

  • Possess professional level skill sets and be prepared for employment with the refinement of portfolios and presentation skills
  • Understand business/marketing practices as uniquely applied to the digital designer
  • Take part in internships / externships (optional)

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