Mobile Applications Development

Develop multiple portfolio-quality apps through a curriculum that mirrors a real production environment. Learn from professional instructors who work in the mobile apps industry. Learn to create the innovative mobile applications that you want to use.

The advent of mobile technology has created a global demand for app developers. From programming to user interface design, the mobile app industry is part of a huge worldwide economy.

The UC San Diego Extension Professional Certificate in Mobile Application Development was created to give students the fundamental skills – from design to programming – for creating mobile applications.

In the program, students receive comprehensive training in mobile app creation in a project-based learning environment. Courses in this accelerated program focus on the development of innovative mobile apps through intensive training in programming, interface design, and business/professional development.

Students learn front and back end programming and user experience principles from expert instructors, and over the course of one year, create working mobile apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices, as well as other platforms.

This one year certificate program enables students to apply their unique skills to a variety of mediums:

  • Mobile application programming
  • Mobile application design
  • User interface (UI) design
  • Building apps for iOS, Google, and other devices
  • Developing apps that meet app store requirements
  • Publishing and marketing
Benefits of the Certificate in Mobile App Development
Accredited part-time program (5:30pm – 9:30pm on Tuesday and Wednesday each week)
One-year accelerated study in mobile application development
Comprehensive training in industry standard software and hardware
Project-based learning in a realistic production environment
Small class sizes – limited seating fosters one-on-one learning
Financial aid available, VA funding also accepted
Own and be trained on all of your own industry preferred hardware and software (Mac laptop, Adobe Creative Cloud, and mobile devices for testing)
Internship opportunities

Students enrolled in this program are expected to possess their own hardware and software. Please contact us for details on book/software versions pertaining specifically to each program.

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