Digital Arts Center Instructional Team

Our instructional team is comprised of award-winning designers, developers, and teachers who currently work in their respective fields. They are committed to mentoring students and sharing their extensive knowledge and experiences in the classroom.

Current instructors

Nick Adkins, B.A.
Nick Adkins has more than ten years of experience as a graphic designer, and has significant experience in web development. His specialties include web development, print production, branding, and customer promotional packaging/marketing materials.
Jodi Cilley, M.B.A.
Founder and president of the Film Consortium San Diego and VideologiCo, a local visual communications company, Jodi Cilley taught video production courses for over ten years. She also produces and directs short films.
Joe Godfrey, M.Ed.
Joe Godfrey is a composer, musician, and educator. A two-time Emmy winner, Godfrey is also known for his work on Waiting for Guffman (1996) and A Mighty Wind (2003), and is currently academic director of the Audio Production department at the Art Institute of San Diego.
Corey Fayman, M.A.
Corey Fayman has produced interactive products for Ford, IBM, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Fox Interactive,, Vivendi-Universal, and the U.S. Army. He was awarded outstanding graduate of the Department of Educational Technology at San Diego State University, and is also an award-winning novelist.
Otto Lai, M.A.
Otto Lai began his professional career in New York as a modeler on MTV’s Celebrity Death Match and then as an animator on Nickelodeon’s Little Bill. After moving to San Diego, he joined Legend 3D to work on Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, and as Head Compositing Trainer helped prepare over 200 artists for "Transformers 3," "Shrek," and other titles.
Genadi Radiul, M.S.
Genadi Radiul has two Masters degrees - one in music and one in motion graphics. He has extensive experience in working with various audio/video equipment, both analog and digital hardware and software. He currently teaches motion graphics, compositing and computer applications classes.
Donna Sandsmark, M.S.
Donna Sandsmark combines a background in engineering, programming, and design to create a learning environment that covers all aspects of web design. A lead instructor in the Graphic & Web Design program, Sandsmark is also a professional developer, creating websites, content management systems, and mobile apps for companies nationwide.
Kristian Secor, M.S.
Kris has taught web design topics ranging from server-side programming to user experience for over ten years. He has produced websites for clients from sports franchises to school districts, and has consulted with several firms in San Diego including eBoost and Aviatech. He is finishing the dissertation for a doctoral degree in Educational Technology.
Aaron Serafino, B.A.
Aaron Serafino earned his B.A. from the Brooks Institute of Photography and has 20 years experience in the medium. His expertise includes digital imaging and photography, as well as black-and-white darkroom procedures, studio lighting, pre-modern processes, custom color printing, and more. 
Rocco Torres, B.S.
Rocco Torres has eighteen years of experience in advertising, graphic and web design, marketing, art direction, branding, and multimedia production. He has also taught college-level courses in graphic and web design, branding, advertising, and audio production in San Diego since 2008.

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